At CHC, we work with healthcare providers, nutritionists, specialists, trainers, and other professionals to create and distribute content that will help build happier, healthier communities in the Carolinas and beyond.

How it Works

The contributor program creates a mutually beneficial relationship between CHC and you, the professional. You provide value-add information (via articles, videos, or podcast recordings) that help us achieve our mission of educating the Carolinas on how to live happier, healthier lives, and we distribute it to our members, giving you visibility, credibility, and new potential clients or customers! 

Benefits of Becoming a Contributor

✔️No contracts or obligations to submit material. Event 1 article will make you an official contributor!
✔️Increased SEO for your website via backlinks (learn more about backlinks)
✔️The chance for your article(s) to be in our newsletter, distributed to over 5,000 Carolinians monthly
✔️Free visibility, credibility, and a great way to find new potential clients or customers!

Contributor Information

So, what happens once you’re a contributor? Where do you show up? What do you have to do?

After each blog post, your “Author Bio” will be displayed automatically (see below). This information can be edited on your Account Page.

Questions? Comments? Feedback?

Let us know! CHC was founded in May of 2019, so we’re still a young club and always looking to improve. Send us an email at [email protected] and let us know how we’re doing!

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